Creative photographs – The next step

Switch to manual mode!
Come on you’ve had your new camera for a while now. Be brave, you know you can do it. just turn the little dial to M.
There, that wasn’t so bad was it 🙂
One of the questions we get asked a lot by the Vancouver families we photograph is how can I take my photography to the next level. Well, a big start is to play with your expensive toy and take control back away from the camera/manufacturer, by trying your hand at manual exposure. You can achieve so much more by doing so – Your camera is basically a computer and it is deciding what it thinks you want to be in focus, what you want to be the correct exposure, the correct white balance, ISO etc. by computing against values set by the manufacturers from a huge bank of images, where they feel the majority of shots fall in to. This is why sometimes you get a dark, or light part and it isn’t what you intended, or the white balance doesn’t match the scene etc etc.
If you want to take the guess work out of it, you need to be in control. so, take that manual out that came with your camera and play. At least with digital you aren’t paying for film.
That isn’t an excuse to guess and click (spray and pray, as the pros refer to it 🙂 though. Rather take your time and slow down and actually think about what you are doing, before clicking the shutter. Your images will be all the best for this slowing down too.
There is obviously a great deal more to capturing that WOW! image and this part often takes years of experience. If you want that priceless wall portraiture of your family above the sofa, then give Harley Cross Photography a call and we will be pleased to help you “capture the now forever”
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