Good Family Portraits – Think film


Clients often ask, how we manage to capture many wonderfully family images out of the one shoot, when they try so hard and maybe get one keeper out of 30 or 40.
We tell them that obviously years of experience and education come in to play (notice we didn’t mention anything about a fancy camera). But, one thing they and the average recreational family portrait photographer can do to improve their overall skills is to “think film”
They often looked at us puzzled for a moment, until we explain that they need to go back to the days when we all shot film and had to pay per image – Even the trigger happy amongst us, didn’t want to waste money on a roll that maybe had one good shot in there. We therefore slowed down and actually gave the overall image some thought before pressing the shutter. So, next time you are about to press that shutter 15 times of your child next to the river, think film and slow down. Look around the subject for any obvious distractions – Is there a branch sticking out their head, or maybe a trash can right next to them. Are they engaged with you and the camera, or is it the awkward finger in nose moment 🙂
There are obviously many more facets that go in to making a one of a kind family portrait session and you won’t master this overnight. But, this simple process of slowing down and trying to envisage the outcome you want, will improve your keepers by a large ratio – try it you will be surprised.
And when you want that special piece of wall art of you and your family at this never to be repeated moment in time, then please give Harley Cross Photography a call and we will be pleased to construct a fabulous piece of studio, or environmental portraiture for you within greater Vancouver.