Photo scanner rental in Vancouver

vancouver photo scanner rental

Share My Photographs (part of Harley Cross Photography)is excited to announce that we will now be supplying photo and document scanning rental within the greater Vancouver B.C area, for all you D.I.Y people out there.

to scan photographs on a home system takes between 4-7 minutes per scan (including saving, basic enhancement etc.) and you can maybe scan 5, or 6 images in that time, depending on size of image and scanner.

This is why most people never attempt to scan their family history as it truly is a mammoth task and once people start they come to realize that it will take a long time. most will then try and divide it in to manageable chunks – Maybe scan 100 images per week, when they have 30 minutes here, or an hour there kind of thing.

Well, out of the people we have advised and communicated with all but a very small percentage decided this task was going to take too long and soon lost interest.

scanning your images is a task that should be taken lightly. There is a lot to learn to get a quality scan, at the right settings for the correct end use goals and most people, in their busy lives, simply don’t have the hundreds of hours available to learn a new task and implement a whole new system that encompasses sorting, digitizing, file management, sharing, displaying, archiving etc.

All the above is the basic beginnings of our company Share My Photographs and can be read about further on our website – Basically we saw a real need to help people preserve their family history for future generations to enjoy. Traditionally we have come to peoples homes and provided full services in ensuring this legacy is taken care of and preserved forever. Well, lately we have had a lot of inquiries from people who want to scan their images themselves, but want a much, much faster way. So, they have asked if they could rent our equipment to do so. Before now this wasn’t possible due to having the necessary software licenses and expertise in using the equipment and software.

However, now we are pleased to announce we have been working very hard behind the scenes with our scanner distributor and come up with a photograph scanning system that can be used easily by anyone. It utilizes the same equipment for scanning documents and images that we have always used and is capable at scanning up to 50 images per minute!!!. people are able to scan their whole collection consisting of thousands of images in a whole day. Where previously it would take them months and even years in some cases.

We have 2 options for rentals and both include delivery and collection within the lower mainland Vancouver – From Squamish to Chilliwack (further away for minimum travel fee). we also ship the equipment Canada wide (please inquire for postage rates). We can rent the equipment for 3, or 7 days depending on your needs and time available. Rental for 3 days is only $330. Most people will opt for the 7 day rental though as it is not much more at $480 and allows more time to complete the task. What not invite family and friends along to share the costs an have a scanning party. This is becoming a very popular option.

As discussed above, all the equipment you require is delivered along with a fully cleaned machine and easy to use software system. You need nothing extra to scan. We also provide the full instructions required. However there is an option to add on an hour of in home set up and tuition on best sorting and scanning practices if you should require.

Or, as our traditional service has been, we can do the the whole job with, or for you, if that is your preference.

Don’t forget, this machine not only scans photographs, front and back at 300 or 600 DPI. But, you can also digitize your whole paper documents too – Tired of having all those file folders and stacks of old papers? Why not go nearly paperless and fit everything on to a simple thumb, or hard drive, that becomes easily searchable in seconds.

We also have the option of a flatbed scanning unit for album pages and difficult to scan sizes/objects.

Please contact us today and our no pressure staff would be more than happy to answer any questions.