Poor professional head shots are costing your company money!

Poor professional head shots are costing your company money!


Harley Cross Photography has been a photography studio in Vancouver for over 9 years and over this time we have shot several hundred head shots for people. However, we don’t necessarily promote this service as well as we should. The headshot page isn’t as prominent as it could be and only includes a small sample of our work. This is mainly as we keep meaning to branch out and have a website that is only head shots – It will come soon promise LOL.

So, why should you chose to have a professional headshot done for you, or your employees and why choose Harley Cross photography?

The answer is actually more in line with “can you choose not to have a professional headshot in todays digital world and be taken seriously”?

The answer is obviously a big NO! In todays way of finding a company to do business with the web obviously has the upper hand – Gone are the days of calling a company you found in a newspaper ad, or the Yellow Pages. Now, we go to Google and we search and from this the vast majority of companies are chosen on the first page of Google and mostly by a quick couple of important factors – “do they get good reviews and do they look like a reputable, professional company that I could do business with”?

The first one of these only you and your employees can control and most companies are hyper focused on giving a great customer experience and gaining glowing reviews.

We find the second portion to be not so well taken care of and an area where most companies can improve. Website and content is one area of focus and the second is the image thats’s portrayed to first time customers – We could name a bunch of high profile local Vancouver companies that really portray a poor, unprofessional company image. Whether they be a company selling a service, or product, they all fail in a similar way – They either have no images of their staff, or poor unprofessional images taken in front of a refrigerator, or on the beach in shorts and bad lighting.

Professional headshots are often neglected by companies and although most realize the value, it goes on to the back burner list.

Well, we urge you to rethink this and think how this delayed action could actually be costing you money!

Think how you shop yourself – If you are comparing two like companies and all is close apart from one has their staff professional photographed in the way they would like their company image portrayed e.g. “the consummate professional”, “the caring, understanding advisor”, the fun to work with realtor” etc and the other company has a poorly composed image, in bad lighting that makes their staff look like someone in a police line-up which company are you going to choose to do business with?

Now do you see how you can’t afford not to have professional headshot for all your key employees?

Especially when the investment is not that expensive at all compared with all other marketing.

At Harley Cross Photography we have a completely mobile studio set up and will come to your offices. We as stated have been doing this for many years and know how to get the look you want with minimum disruption and in the least amount of time – We are used to CEO 10 minute time slots LOL.

We will shoot for 3 images and these can be different looks for different purposes – annual publication, social media etc. We then quickly work with your staff and select the 3 images of choice there and then. After this we go away and enhance the images, then deliver them back in both high resolution and web ready formats. Most other headshot companies give you one image, in one format only.

The cost of this is only $200 per person! There is discounts off this price too depending on the number of people photographed. Now at that price you really can’t afford not to have professional headshot for all your customer facing staff.

Let us help you raise your customer profile and attract the clientele you desire.

Call today at 604-518-9179, or info@harleycrossphotography.com