Product & Food Photography in Vancouver

Product & food photography in Vancouver.
Let’s face it everyone – Images sell. Or, at least the “right” images sell!
Take the attached image for example –

Blue cheese on cheese board
Blue cheese on cheese board

that was done for a local cheese distributor in Vancouver BC by Harley Cross Photography. Doesn’t this image make you want to dive in and grab a piece? That’s what professional photography does – It draws the viewer in and makes them want the product.
Now we realize budgets can be tight for marketing within companies and often the first thing that gets done in house is photography – right? Well let’s compare the previous image with an in-house picture from the same company –



Now which one do you think will sell the product. The initial investment in professional photography services, will pay for itself many times over.
Please contact Harley Cross Photography to discuss any product or food photography needs you may have in Vancouver and we would be pleased to devise a tailored plan with you, to ensure you SELL your products, or services.