The Value of investing in a professional commercial Photographer in Vancouver

We at Harley Cross Photography often get calls from businesses inquiring about the costs of commercial photography in Vancouver, to facilitate selling their product or services.
These businesses often state that their photography budget is minimal and they only require basic images.
We are a visual society and if we like it or not, images sell. Or that should be, the right images sell! Think about the amount of images/advertising messages we are subjected to in any given day – it is said to be in the region of 3000 per person.
You may find that figure hard to believe, but that is most likely as you don’t register the vast majority of these – They simply go unnoticed.
However, you know when you see “that image” the one that stays with you – Either in a negative or positive way. Advertisers know this and the good ones only employ the services of photographic professionals and art teams who can make that image stick in the consumers mind.
This could be in the form of Commercial photography, architectural photography, product photography etc.
If you are looking to sell your house, product, or service in Vancouver, please contact Harley Cross photography and we will be pleased to discuss all your needs and help you attract the right client.
As an example there have been many studies in regards to if professional architectural photography can actual get you more money for your realty sale. As stated in this one (of many) study –
Professional images can result in substantial returns on your photography investment.
We look forward to helping you attract the right clients.